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IIE Accreditation

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We thought it would only be right for Green Heart Clean to have a new award under its belt, this is why we have been working hard to gain the IIE award (Investors in The Environment), it shows that a company is 100% 

committed to being eco- friendly. We believe this is Green Heart Clean, so we have submitted all of the required paperwork, which yes was never-ending but will be worth it when we receive the Silver IIE accreditation, which we are expected to receive, by the way, followed by the Green accreditation in a years time with a bit more hard work.

There are many points we had to cover, in what felt like never-ending paperwork involving recording, then setting targets and then even creating actions plans to cut back on Green Heart Cleans electricity, gas and water usage. We may have got carried away a tad though and have also done this for 3 additional resources, our travelled Mileage, office printouts and recyclable waste, oops.

I will spare you all from what may seem like the more boring bits, and just update everyone on the travel plan we have created for Green Heart Clean to cut back on its travelled mileage. I will be even kinder by updating you all on only the parts that apply to the cleaning members of staff. (The full travel plan, however, can be found on the Green Heart Clean website.)  

  • To walk and cycle: If you are within 20 minutes of where you work, we recommend you to walk/ bike to work. Not only will this help to cut back on car mileage polluting the environment, just think of the work out you will be getting.
  • Public transport: This can be a more difficult one and maybe means talking to other people, how awful, but just think of the environment and only consider this where walking or cycling is not possible.
  • Car share: If you are a driver and volunteer to car share, we are creating incentives for drivers, but we only encourage this where there is a team of cleaners cleaning together at the same location and time.

We are also currently undertaking 3 additional projects, it’s like we love the environment here at Green Heart Clean, oh wait. These are our tree Project, cutting back on office equipment and insulation project. Over the next couple of months, we will be rolling out the insulation project and are already cutting back on our office equipment. The tree project can be seen in the eco- friendly section of our newsletter that I highly recommend you giving a read.

For full details on the IIE award (Investors In The Environment). This too can be found on the Green Heart Clean website.

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