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My Investors In The Environment Experience Part 1

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After what seemed like never-ending work at times for me when creating a very long document called the EMS document, this month (September 2018) we have finally achieved our IIE (Investors In Environment) accreditation, which Green Heart Clean has been working towards for years. This just shows to me how being committed, determined and never giving up eventually gets you the results you want. Not only have we achieved accreditation, but we have also achieved the Silver IIE accreditation, which is the second best you can get!

The main part of working towards gaining the accreditation is creating the EMS document, which took me a hell of a lot of time and effort! It is basically a document documenting everything and I mean everything and anything you can think of to do with a company, along with setting targets to make a company more eco-friendly and how the targets will be achieved. The sheer amount of information needed to go within the EMS document was incredible and it has taken many alterations, after receiving feedback from our audit officer due to the nature of work provided by Green Heart Clean and our location. Not only have we been in contact with the audit officer through email, but we have also had lengthy phone conversations with her, one of the conversations themselves between me and her was an on the phone audit to go through and tick off all of the sections within the EMS document. It lasted for over an hour! This shows just how much information was required for the EMS document.

Moving forward to the present day, I am currently implementing the EMS document into the Green Heart Clean workplace and we are continuing to work towards the Green accreditation (the top level of accreditation). This will take another year to gain due to one of the requirements being, ‘recording all of our resources for a minimum of a year’. On the bright side, however, when I created the EMS document, I created all of the sections within the document ready for additional information to achieve the Green accreditation. We can not wait to gain the further green accreditation and are right now, looking at buying a frame to hang our Silver IIE accreditation in. It will look incredible hanging on the wall! along with our other awards and has been worth all of the hard work and determination in my opinion. It just shows what you can achieve when you are committed, determined and never give up.

– Hayden Walker – Business Development Officer 

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