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School Cleaning Service – How Green Heart Clean can help you.

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As any loving parent will tell you, one key factor when deciding on a school to send their children to is, that their children are safe. One less thought of a way to ensure the child’s safety is through a school cleaning service that has the correct cleaning standards.

The correct cleaning standards say a lot about a site, from its first impressions, letting you know how the site potentially operates and how the customer, in this case, the child will be treated, all the way down to the health benefits. Did you know? the kitchen sink has more bacteria than the toilet alone! Now that is a very worrying fact. It is one of the many reasons why we at Green Heart Clean strive to ensure sites we provide cleaning services to are cleaned to the highest of standards. 

classroom hygiene, school cleaning service, loughborough
Green Heart Clean use eco-friendly chemicals:

Did you know? an area that is cleaned with non-eco-friendly chemicals is 500% more toxic than your average outside space.

Green Heart Clean train all staff:

To ensure the highest of standards, all of our staff are fully trained. A company is only as good as its staff.

Green Heart Clean offer continuous training and support:

We believe it is highly important to be involved with the client and the cleaning staff, to ensure the best standard is maintained.

Green Heart Clean have a benefits program:

Yes, that’s right, as a thank you to our clients, we like to give something back which also helps to maintain the cleanliness on their sites.

Where Green Heart Clean has helped local Loughborough schools:

Issue: a cleaner is off sick for a few months, a temporary cleaner is required at short notice.

Solution: Green Heart Clean worked with the school providing a fully trained DBS cleaner while helping to improve the overall cleaning standards on site too.

Outcome: A happy client, improved cleaning standards and various future works from the school.

Issue: The cleaning standards at the school need improving.

Solution: The site is viewed and a fully trained contract cleaner is provided by Green Heart Clean. We also audited the site frequently along with working closely with the school and the cleaner.

Outcome: a happy client, high cleaning standards in place and an additional cleaning contract gained through the client.

Issue: Maintaining a covid free environment without putting the students at risk from harsh chemicals.

Solution: An additional fully trained DBS cleaner. This cleaner wipes and sanitises all high contact points throughout the day, while our other cleaner cleans and sanitises in the evening. With our eco-friendly chemicals, the students are not placed in a toxic environment.

Outcome: A covid free site, a happy client and no health risks to the students.

school cleaning service, loughborough

These are just a few of the ways we at Green Heart Clean are helping local Loughborough schools, with our eco-friendly cleaning products, fully trained cleaners, continuous training and support, along with our generous benefits program. This is just the tip of the iceberg on our vast contracted services we offer to all sectors, along with one-off cleaning services such as deep cleaning and microbial fogging.

Visit our School Cleaning service page to receive your free quote.

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