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The Only Marks and Spencer in Blandford

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We were so happy to have been part of the team working at the new Marks and Spencer food hall. We cleaned the cafe inside that used to be a Co-op store.

Cleaning the cafe in the new new store in Blandford Forum
Cleaning the cafe in the new store in Blandford Forum

Why was this Marks and Spencer so important for the area? It’s the only one in the local area, and the store is situated near the town centre.

Sparkly stainless steel surfaces - new m&s store at Blandford Forum
Sparkly stainless steel surfaces – new Marks & Spencer store at Blandford Forum

New building projects like this can sometimes hit various delays (from traffic delays to major supply and labour delays) this can mean the entire site is not ready to use; even after we have cleaned our assigned area. This situation is a challenge on its own because we find ourselves trying to clean an area that workmen are still working on.

This situation begs the question, “why not delay cleaning till the end?”. The answer we have come to realise is that cleaning is needed throughout the entire building phase. Our cleaning will bring out the best of what exists, so the builders can see for themselves what they have created. If there is any improvement or a change, cleaning will make it obvious.

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