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How to Clean your kitchen

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Dust and cobweb do form in Kitchens and Canteen just like any other areas. It is important to check and remove cobwebs and dust from all corners, skirting boards, window ledges, wall fittings (such as picture frames, & wall clocks) and the top of cabinets as well as the back of dryers/ washing machine if they exist. Also, check behind all large object such as furniture and radiators. lighter items should be moved to clean the spot they stand on. Use a feather duster to reach a high level and light layers of dust. You will need a multipurpose sanitiser sprayed on to a damp, blue, microfibre cloth to wipe off the rest. Make sure no glare is left on any of the surfaces cleaned.


Working your way from top-level downwards, use multipurpose sanitiser sprayed on to a damp blue microfibre cloth, wipe down every door/ cupboard surface as well as the handles (which are harbour for germs) and the kickboards at the bottom of cupboards. Make sure you also clean the entire door frames to remove fingerprints, food and drink stains, marks and scuffs.


Move items such as toasters, microwaves and kettles to as to clean underneath and behind them. Wipe all surfaces of the worktop pushing all debris to the floor. Make sure to remove all marks, mug stains, food stains, dust and fingerprints. Check and clean cabinet doors.


Using a duster/vacuum cleaner tool, remove dust and debris to the floor as well as the furniture legs. Then use multipurpose sanitiser sprayed on to a damp, blue, microfibre cloth, clean all table/chairs removing all food and drink stains and dirty marks, from all parts of the chair, table frames, arms, legs and seat.


Use multipurpose sanitiser sprayed on to a damp, blue microfibre cloth. To wipe all appliances. Make sure all fingerprints and marks are removed. Always have your polishing cloth handy to polish all reflective surface so that no glare is left.


Where required – load up/empty all dishwashers before placing a dish washing tablet in the correct tray and putting the dishwasher on. Also empty again and put the equipment away in the right cupboards/draws, if required. For smaller offices, if your cleaning schedule shows you must clean the crockery/ utensils by hand, please also dry and put these away into the correct cupboards/draws afterwards.

  • Toasters: Remember to remove all crumbs by emptying the trays.
  • Microwaves: Remember to wipe the inside as well as the exterior, even removing the microwaves plate to clean where required. Coffee
  • Machines: Remember to throw away any old sachets and empty and wipe the trays. Wipe all surfaces leaving no glare.
  • Fridge: Remember to frequently wipe the external doors and inside of the fridge to avoid build-up of dirt.

Bins in kitchen can be messy due to food content being thrown in. it is important Empty every bin and before replacing with the appropriately sized bin bag, ensure the bin is not stain on the inside. To clean and sanitise the bin interior/exterior, use a multipurpose sanitiser sprayed on to a damp, blue, microfibre cloth to wipe clean. You may need to employ a cleaning brush is the stains are hardened. Now you can dispose all waste in the correct main outside bins for recycling. Where bins only have a small amount of waste and have no liquid contents/chewing gum in them, to cut waste to the environment, tip the contents of the bin into a main white/clear bin bag ready for disposal. When replacing bin bags, tie the ends the bin bags to ensure a firm fitting and a tidy finish.



Finally add the finishing touch by making sure that all glass or reflective surfaces are cleaned using use a clean, damp, microfibre cloth with only water, then polish with a clean dry glass cloth to leave no glare.

Join the making of the cleaning professionals with our Clean Bow Facebook group. A platform created for our cleaning workforce to share experiences, challenges and encourage one another.

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