Cover Cleaning

What service are you looking for?

Do you find it hard to recruit a cleaner for your business?

Do you struggle to find committed staff who can manage the cleaning operation of your business? If your answer is yes, our cover cleaning service is right for you.

As a cleaning company with over 10 years of cleaning experience, we know that it is not easy to find a professional cleaner because most of them are already employed. The solution we have is Find My Cleaner, we offer you specially selected cleaners who we have trained and introduced into the cleaning sector. Our cover cleaning services also have groups of experienced cleaners who are looking to advance their career in cleaning or just looking for a new opportunity.

We do the hard work for you; we find them, we train and nurture them in order to keep your workplace cleanliness under control.

Who we can help

The the benefits to you.

We provide short to long term staff replacement/recruitment service to various sectors. These include:

  • DBS staff to the educational sector
  • Competent cleaners to offices
  • Trained and certified cleaning operatives for industrial and construction work.
  • CSCS qualified construction sites cleaners and labourers.

We offer the opportunity for any of our staff to be transferred to your business after 2 months of continuous service on your site. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • We vet all staff before bringing them to your organisation. We check their skill level, their qualifications and their eligibility to work in the UK.
  • Our staff are employed under our payroll, we take care of their training and ensure their welfare is catered for under our employment law compliant HR policies
  • We train them so that they can provide the best service to you
  • We ensure they have the right qualifications (Such as DBS, CSCS IPAF etc) to work in your business
  • We ensure they are paid fairly and given opportunities to advance their careers

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Assessing your cleaning requirements

For small one-off jobs, we ask for photos or videos. This means:

The process is quicker because we try not to come out to the site unless we feel like it is necessary.
It also helps to reduce our carbon footprint. We travel by walking, cycling and driving, whichever is best for the environment per job.

For all medium and large jobs, we come out to the site for a site viewing and to meet with the client. This is because we believe it is important to have a strong working relationship with all of our clients. We will also ask for a floor plan. This is so we can give you the best possible price while making sure that every detail has been covered.

What's next?

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We trade on our reputation so please check out and ask for our testimonials. We will be happy to discuss & provide our services to your requirements.