Deep Cleaning Services

About our Deep Clean service

GreenHeart Clean provides a thorough deep clean for a range of commercial premises such as: schools, care homes, offices, retail outlets, medical facilities and many more. We understand that all premises are different from each other, so our cleaning approach is bespoke to each property.

Why do I need a commercial Deep clean?

  • Post Lockdown: If you are returning to work after the Lockdown period and want to make sure that your office is as hygienic as possible. 
  • Infection outbreak: if one or more of your staff have a common infection outbreak and you want to prevent spreading any infection through the workplace, a deep clean is the right choice to make in order to protect your entire staff and customers
  • Refresh: you might have not had the best cleaning experience in the past and you feel that now is the best time to improve your workplace cleanliness. A deep clean will help your new cleaning team to get off to a good start where they can maintain the cleanliness throughout the year
  • Routine deep clean: your facility management procedure may includes the a routine deep cleaning of your entire or part of the building

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What's involved in the Deep Cleaning process?

  1. We will conduct a free and confidential survey of you building to access your cleaning needs.
  2. If you agree to our proposal, we will set out a plan of action after accessing your individual cleaning needs. This plan will help to set out how we are going to clean and where, it is a method statement.
  3. We will then designate the day(s) to conduct the cleaning.
    Monitor and maintain the set cleaning standard

During the cleaning, we ensure to use non-toxic sanitising cleaning solutions to wipe all surfaces that can be cleaned. These surfaces are: Doors and handles, tables and chairs and their legs, drawers, cabinets and many more surfaces including electronic devices such as printers, telephone, mouse and keyboards, microwave and fridges. This list is just an example as we will base the cleaning plan on all the items in your building. We also ensure that objects that can be moved are moved so that cleaning can be reached and cleaned.

A deep clean is an essential process in ensuring infection control and prevention as it ensures that the cleaning of your site is conducted with the highest hygiene standard and professionalism.

Deep cleaning is a very effective cleaning process for most organisations because it is a cleaning process that should reach all nooks and crannies of your property. Our professional deep clean should be off receiver for most but for some, our fogging service, ATP monitoring or electrostatic disinfection process will be required to keep any infection under control.

We are here to help, please get in touch for a free appraisal. If a deeper level of intervention is required, the following services can be provided by us our trained team