Electrostatic Disinfection

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The typical method of applying antimicrobial cleaning solution for the purpose of infection control is by manually applying them by hand to the surfaces.

It will be impossible to treat three dimensional surfaces without harnessing the liquid adhesion technology such as electrostatic cleaning devices.

Our electrostatic battery powered system provides positive charge to the disinfectant solution as it is sprayed onto the negatively charged surface. This allows the disinfectant to wrap around the targeted surfaces, also making it easier to reach hard to reach surfaces. In general, electrostatic cleaning methods speed up the cleaning process allowing for larger offices to be cleaned faster – saving time and cost.

Electrostatic Spray

What is electrostatic disinfection?

It is similar to the fogging method but much more effective. The electrostatic process is the process based on Coulomb’s law, which without twisting out brains, is simply very similar to the law of gravity but this time it is the electrostatic charge instead of electromagnetic force. In the cleaning world, this electrostatic technology, when applied to the disinfectant liquid, produces positively charged droplets.

This enables them to stick to the surface including vertical and upside down surfaces. Electrostatic cleaning allows us to spray the antimicrobial cleaning solution( disinfectant) to all surfaces required and ensures that each surface undergoes the needed contact time for any virus, bacteria or fungi to be killed. The tiny droplets can also be applied over a variety of devices such as keyboard and remote controls. This is cleaning technology at its best, due to the unique technology, we are able to target challenging places while ensuring that the unwanted targets are successfully annihilated during the cleaning process.

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Why choose electrostatic disinfection?

  1. Larger coverage areas can be reached with our system as it projects the electrostatic mist into high level and tight corners of your building. This means that no matter the layout of your building, harder to reach areas will be difficult to miss especial areas that are subject to viruses and bacteria
  2. Delicate surfaces such as monitors, keyboards and some soft touch surfaces that cannot be wiped can be disinfected with the use of eco-friendly solutions through our electrostatic sprayer.
  3. Reduce cross contamination; the eco friendly solution we use does not have to be wiped manually by hand, so the risk of transferring bacteria and viruses from one point to the other is removed. Our trained team will also perform the cleaning while wearing the full PPE bodysuit.
  4. Adequate contact time is needed to allow the disinfectant to combat any virus or bacteria it comes in contact with. The disinfecting solution which has been positively charged wraps around the targeted surface stays on the surface long enough to kill any bacteria or virus. This process is also by far more effective than disinfection manually spraying and hand wiping.
  5. Effective and consistent application of the disinfectant solution is achieved as each charged nanoparticle repels the each other particle next to it with an even amount of force. This effectively creates an even and finely sprayed solution on all targeted surfaces. Less solution is applied and used while each surface has just enough layers of disinfecting droplets to fight any present bacteria and virus. This also removed the challenges posed by human inconsistency and misperception
  6. While electrostatic application is faster and more effective than traditional disinfecting methods, it is also more cost effective when you consider the saving on labour cost. Also thanks to the even distribution of the cleaning disinfectant, we are able to apply up to 65% less solution in comparison to the conventional application techniques.

Electrostatic disinfection can be used in all environments where cross contamination is a big problem or concern. It can be used as a one-off solution or incorporated into your cleaning and hygiene regime.

  • Factories
  • Large offices
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Public playgrounds and
  • leisure centres
  • Retail units
  • Residential
  • Medical facilities including care homes

Simply put it this way, you can have the best cleaner and the best disinfecting product but if it is applied wrongly or without the right contact time on all the targeted surfaces.