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Green Heart Clean can help to improve your home cleanliness with our below domestic cleaning services.

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Home cleaning is not the easiest for most people, especially home deep cleaning. Whether you need a professional cleaning company to perform a deep clean of your home, a pre-tenancy clean, end of tenancy deep clean, Green Heart Clean is equipped with the right staff, cleaning equipment and “home cleaning know-how” needed to safely clean your property.

The services we offer to your home.

A deep clean gives you the opportunity to freshen up your home by removing stains, dust, and debris that have hidden themselves in corners around your home. A deep clean is the perfect for refreshing your home or if you are moving in or out of a property.

Following the Corona virus outbreak, we decided to offer this service to homes to help tenants and home owners stay safe. Our home disinfection is the process of applying trusted and tested disinfectant on all surfaces and the air around your home. It is suitable only after a deep clean or your regular home cleaning. It is design to give you the surfaces in your property an extra level of protection From and virus, fungi or bacteria that the traditional clesning process cannot tackle. Depending on your property type, we will use one of the following methods to apply disinfectant your home property so that it can be home again to you:

Electrostatic Disinfection: Ideal for compact homes with harder to reach areas. We use a safe device that is designed to apply fine Electrostatic charged disinfectant particles that wrap themselves around pathogen that carry viruses, bacteria and fungi. You can read more about this service here

Microbial fogging: Ideal for larger homes, outdoor play areas and the garden. Fogging is very similar to electrostatic spray as it

Both method applies disinfectant unto the air and surfaces including walls and all high touch areas. Give us a call about your needs, we will advise you on the right disinfection  suitable for your home.

Some of us love cleaning our homes ourself. Find the right home cleaning and sanitising products that are kind to the environment and your health, with our online shop here


Once you have contacted our friendly team we will assess your cleaning needs and suggest the right service best fitted for your needs. We will provide you with a quotation by email or over the phone We may have to arrange a remote viewing of your home ( pictures or video call) or provide a visit to your home if necessary.


We hope to provide you with a cost effective quote, once you are happy with our quotation we can then work around your schedule to pick the right date of cleaning.


We will only conduct the cleaning with competent and trained staff. Our professional cleaning team will clean your house according to the cleaning specification for your property.  A day before the cleaning date we will give you a  ring ahead to confirm the cleaning the correct equipment and solutions to complete the job to a high standard.


Once the job has been completed, payment can by made in advance by bank transfer or with a card, payments will be collected immediately after job completion We will do our best to deliver the best service for you so that you can leave us a service review.

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