Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

We have the tools and expertise to disinfect your home safely and quickly. Let Green Heart Clean help you to maintain cleanliness in your home

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We have the specialist skills and machinery to restore your floor

The state of your floor tells your client a lot about your organisation and mopping the floor simply may not be enough to maintain the required standard. At Green Heart Clean, the leading local professional floor cleaning service in Grantham, Peterborough, Loughborough and Leicester, we have the specialist skills and machinery to restore your floor and save you the cost of expensive floor replacements.

Why you should choose Green Heart Clean Floor Cleaning service

  • Removes stains on hard to mop floors
  • Improves hygiene by reducing the level of trapped germs within the floor
  • Improves the air quality of your workplace by eradicating all hidden dirt
  • Removes odours and eliminates bacteria & mites
  • Improves appearance
  • Save on the cost of replacing your entire flooring

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Assessing your cleaning requirements

For all potential contract jobs, we come out to the site for a site viewing and to meet with the client. We believe it is important to have regular communications both face to face and digitally.

For small one-off jobs, we ask for photos or videos. This means:

The process is quicker because we try not to come out to the site unless we feel like it is necessary.
It also helps to reduce our carbon footprint. We travel by walking, cycling and driving, whichever is best for the environment per job.
For all medium & large jobs, we will ask for a floor plan. This is so we can give you the best possible price while making sure that every detail has been covered.

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We trade on our reputation so please check out and ask for our testimonials. We will be happy to discuss & provide our services to your requirements.