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We have the tools and expertise to disinfect your home safely and quickly. Let Green Heart Clean help you to maintain cleanliness in your home

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Disinfecting your home

In the light of the Coronavirus pandemic we have seen why proper and regular cleaning of our homes is always important. Cleaning can consume a lot of valuable time, this is why we now launched our domestic deep cleaning service

Our brand new online shop provides you access to essential eco friendly home cleaning products that we have tried and tested. We know they work and will help you achieve a safer, faster and more effective cleaning process for your home. 

A clean and hygienic home is essential for your wellbeing especially if you have children, any one with a high risk of being infected or allergy sufferers. Traditional cleaning does not kill bacteria and viruses, however you complement your cleaning process, we have invested in disinfection equipment. Our home disinfection process adds a layer of disinfection over all cleaned surfaces to help you maintain a safe and healthy home.

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Cleaning and disinfection solutions for your home.

A deep clean gives you the opportunity to freshen up your home by removing stains, dust, and debris that have hidden themselves in corners around your home. A domestic deep cleaning service is also an ideal solution for when you are moving in or out of a property

Why do you need to disinfect? An ordinary cleaning process only removes dirt but does not kill bacteria. Disinfection kill any bacteria, virus or fungi left after cleaning. 

Our home disinfection process cleverly applies disinfectant molecules unto the surfaces of your home. We use a trusted and tested disinfectant that is safe and not harmful to your health. Before we apply the disinfection spray, your property needs to have been cleaned first. This is because disinfection only works once you have cleaned all surfaces to be disinfected and removed all dirt. Once cleaning is completed, any virus, bacteria or fungi pathogen left on your home surfaces will be killed when they come into contact with the disinfectant. 

Benefit of our home disinfection service: 

  1. The disinfectant we use kills odour causing bacteria. This means the disinfection process will also deodorise your home.
  2. The disinfection process is fast and cost effective compared to buying your own device.
  3. The disinfection process kills harmful bacteria that your naked eyes can’t see
  4. Our team know what you need once we have assessed your inquiry so that we can deliver the best disinfection process for your home


What kind of property can we clean? 

  1. Residential home
  2. Rental property
  3. Holiday lettings homes


How much will it cost?

  1. Up to 5 rooms, including living room, dining room and kitchen – £80
  2. Up to 8 rooms, including living room, dining room and kitchen – £100
  3. Up to 10 rooms, including living room, dining room and kitchen – £120
  4. For larger areas or outdoor disinfection, please get in touch for a bespoke quotation


How do we disinfect your home?

We use Microbial fogging or Electrostatic spraying:  both processes do the same job but as the devices work differently, we will access your property to identify the most suitable method. 

Some of us love cleaning our homes ourselves. Find the right home cleaning and sanitising products that are kind to the environment and your health from our online shop

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Once you have contacted our friendly team we will assess your cleaning needs and suggest the right service best fitted for your needs. We will provide you with a quotation by email or over the phone We may have to arrange a remote viewing of your home ( pictures or video call) or provide a visit to your home if necessary.


We hope to provide you with a cost effective quote, once you are happy with our quotation we can then work around your schedule to pick the right date of cleaning.


We will only conduct the cleaning with competent and trained staff. Our professional cleaning team will clean your house according to the cleaning specification for your property.  A day before the cleaning date we will give you a  ring ahead to confirm the cleaning the correct equipment and solutions to complete the job to a high standard.


Once the job has been completed, payment can by made in advance by bank transfer or with a card, payments will be collected immediately after job completion We will do our best to deliver the best service for you so that you can leave us a service review.