School Cleaning Services

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Educational institutions are used and visited by both adults and children.

As part of our school cleaning services It is vital to ensure that all areas used by pupils, teachers, parents, and visitors are kept in a clean, safe and hygienic condition. We ensure the use of colour-coded cleaning cloths for different areas of the building such as classroom areas, canteen areas and toilets.

Because of this preventive method, we can reduce the possibility of cross-contamination in a learning environment.

Green Heart Clean can provide cleaning staff (either on long term or short-term basis) who are adequately trained to deliver a thorough and methodical cleaning service that prevents the spread of germs or any cross-contamination.

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The benefits of our School Cleaning Services

  • Reduce cross-contamination from colour coding cloths
  • Reduce pollen and improve air quality from frequent cleaning
  • Healthier environment for staff, pupils and visitors
  • A professional environment that stands out to all service users
    No toxic chemicals – lower risk of allergic reactions which leads to fewer absences and sick days

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What's involved in the cleaning process?

The benefits of our Commerical & Office Contract Cleaning service. We create a bespoke schedule dedicated to the requirements of your premises and your cleaning needs. These may include working around children or cleaning before or after school times.

Client and cleaner meet for the first time to go over the detailed cleaning schedule and ask any questions both may have. Also, with the help of the client, locating a safe and secure storage area for all cleaning equipment and supplies.

Depending on your own personal cleaning schedule, you can expect the following to be completed at every clean.
Dusting – All areas are dusted top to bottom and behind furniture.
Wiping – Wipe down all surfaces such as desks, using our colour-coded system.
Empty waste bins – Empty and clean all waste bins in all classrooms, staff rooms etc.

All cleaning equipment and supplies are returned to their safe and secure storage area at the end of a shift.

Once the cleaner has finished their shift, they will always make sure the building is secure before leaving the premises.

We will always arrange a site visit to allow us to fully understand your premises as we don’t use generic cleaning checklist for your premises. We realise that all buildings and contents are unique, so we design a cleaning schedule that fits your exact needs.

Contact our friendly team and we will provide a free assessment to help identify your cleaning requirements and a free competitive quotation. If you are happy to proceed, we will arrange a site visit and start the process of becoming your cleaning suppliers.