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Our cleaning process meets the high requirements of hygiene within your office.

Our aim is to set high standards with every contract whilst helping you to create a healthy and hygienic environment for your staff and customers with our office cleaning services.

Your work environment is the first thing that many customers and clients notice. The cleanliness and layout of your office will often leave a lasting impression on them and it will help in influencing their respect for your business.

Commercial Contract cleaning is important for your business just as home cleaning is important for your home.

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The benefits of our Office Cleaning services

  • Our office cleaning services can improve the first impressions made by your customers.
  • We can adapt to suit your needs.
  • Our cleaners can work at your preferred times.
  • A friendly relationship & quick access to the cleaning supervisor.
  • Our cleaning supervisor manages your cleaner.
  • Special cleaning materials to clean your computers, keyboards & tablets without harming them.
  • Colour coded cloths to prevent cross-contamination from different areas.
  • All jobs have a cleaning specification sheet to meet (where possible).
  • Overall improved hygiene.
  • Environmentally friendly products are used, where possible, while maintaining a high quality clean.
  • A unique cleaning schedule is created for both the customer and Green Heart Clean to use.

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What's involved in the cleaning process?

Your office indirectly shows your commitment to work. Green Heart Clean completely understand how important your work environment is for projecting a clean and professional image of your business. We also understand how it helps in creating a happier and productive working environment for staff. This is why we endeavor to clean all corners within reach and move all furniture as much as possible.

In any given workplace, germs are easily transferred from staff and various surfaces. If surfaces are not cleaned properly, then germs can only spread faster especially through the cleaning cloths. This is why we ensure the use of colour coded cleaning cloths for different areas of the building such as clinical areas, canteen areas public areas and toilets. As a result of this preventive method, we are able to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination in your workplace.

We source environmentally friendly cleaning products are kind to the environment even though they are very good at removing germs, stains, and dirt. Our commercial cleaning products have disinfectant qualities yet they are still environmentally friendly and will not give off toxic fumes during or after cleaning.

We don’t use a generic cleaning checklist for your premises. We realise that all buildings and their contents are unique, so we design a cleaning schedule that fits your exact requirements. Another benefit of this approach is to ensure that every area receives an adequate clean as frequently as needed.

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For all potential contract jobs, we come out to the site for a site viewing and to meet with the client. We believe it is important to have regular communications both face to face and digitally.

For small one-off jobs, we ask for photos or videos. This means:

The process is quicker because we try not to come out to site unless we feel like it is necessary.
It also helps to reduce our carbon footprint. We travel by walking, cycling and driving, whichever is best for the environment per job.

For all medium & large jobs, we will ask for a floor plan. This is so we can give you the best possible price while making sure that every detail has been covered.

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