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Green Heart Clean, we have a lot of experience cleaning homes and businesses, so we understand your needs. Our range of products are inspired by our personal experiences while cleaning various commercial and private properties. We know these products work very well and are as described.

Frequently asked questions to help you along the way

Cleaning products for food production or food preparation areas need to adhere to the food safety standard. This means that they must meet the BS EN 1276 or BS EN 13697 standards. These products meet the above standards. ( this will have link to the envirosafe SF)
Our cleaning products are eco friendly because they are plant based and as a result impact the soil and the general environment when they are washed into the drain. Being plant based means they are often gentler and less toxic to the cleaner
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Most species of bamboo plants only need between 3 and 6 months to grow from shoots to a full tree. As a result they can be exceedingly abundant where grown. While trees generally take over 3 years to grow. By taking advantage of abundant bamboo, we can reduce the amount of trees cut down to make toilet rolls
Once your order has been placed, it will be processed within 1 working day. Your order will generally take 3 to 5 working days to get to you after its been processed
To simplify the order process, we offer a standard delivery, however, if you require next day delivery, we can process that for you manually. We aim to add more delivery option as time go on
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According to various researches, it is known that there is a greater level of differences in the level of residual microbial contaminants remaining on a subjects hand when they use the air dryer. Why using a hand paper towel offers a consistent level of microbial contaminant removal

Cleaning detergent is good at removing dirt from the surface but it does not kill any bacteria that may be left on the surface. A disinfectant kills the bacteria but it does not clean as in remove dirt on surfaces. A sanitiser on the other hand is a combination of a cleaning agent and a sanitising element. So it will clean and disinfect if used correctly.

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