Recruitment Services

At Green Heart Recruitment Service, we are a bunch of professionals who have a lot of experience in cleaning as well as in recruiting cleaners.

With our understanding and experience, we are easily able to function as an extension of your HR team. We will assist you to fill your cleaning related roles and to ensure that your cleaning workforce is complete with the right staff.

We help businesses of all natures and sizes who are looking to recruit their in-house cleaning team, or those who prefer to totally outsource the entire cleaning service to a professional like us. Perhaps you are looking for a temporary staff to fill a role due to your staff going on holiday, sick leave or you have been let down for any other reason.

Whichever of the above you are, Green Heart Clean Recruitment service aims to connect you with your ideal cleaning operatives from cleaners to cleaning managers.

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Why bother to use us?

  • Good quality leads – we will take your job briefing and help you find the staff you want. We won’t send random applicants your way. Rather, we will make sure they match your specification.
  • We will make sure that you have a competent staff for the job, we will even train them before starting with you.
  • Once we have helped you to fill the role, we won’t hand off and leave you to manage the staff alone, we will be on the other end of the phone to support you whenever you need us. Whether your staff needs more training, or you need to change your work routine or for any advice, we are an extension of your team.
  • Fair pricing – our cost is based on a fair wage to all our staff. It is after this we apply our humble profit margin 
  • PAYE scheme – We employ all our staff directly so that they are entitled to holiday pay, pension scheme and all other benefits of the PAYE scheme
  • Cleaning support – if you are struggling to manage your staff, we can step in and work more closely with you to manage your cleaning team. You will also benefit from our operational cleaning templates to help you manage your cleaners on your own.

Benefit to you

  • Save time and cost
  • Get the best
  • Focus on your strength
  • A clever contingency plan – for days when everything seem to be going wrong, our services might just make that much of a difference to your business. We can replace your staff if needed so you won’t have to worry about getting them cleaning done.