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Sanitiser & Cleaner By Envirosafe 5L

A multi-surface cleaner and sanitiser that will safely clean and protect by removing harmful bacteria, viruses and odours.

  • Suitable For All Wet Cleanable Surfaces And Fabrics.
  • Non-hazardous In Dilution
  • Biodegradable
  • Alcohol And Bleach Free
  • Non-flammable
  • Neutral Ph
  • Suitable For Bio-hazard Control Fogging
  • Passed & Approved To European Standards
  • Anti-bacterial En1276 Log Kill 6 = 99.9999%
  • Anti-viral En14476 Log Kill 4.33 = 99.99%
  • Anti-fungal En1650 Log Kill 6 = 99.9999%
  • Dilution Ratio 10:1 (100ml Per 1l)

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Sold by Green Heart Shop this Sanitiser is suitable for use in Homes, Doctors’ Surgeries, Care Homes, Schools, Office Buildings, Any environment Requiring Microbial Control.

FAST-ACTING – Sanitiser kills bacteria and viruses within seconds

However, allowing to dwell, especially on fabrics & fibres ensures product is absorbed and fully effective (do not over wet.)


The antimicrobial sanitiser effects of Envirosafe can last weeks, however in high use areas where the surfaces are rubbed against and contamination is re-introduced, we advise a more realistic period of 24 hours.


Standard Envirosafe sanitiser is not food safe – our NEW Envirosafe SF is fragrance free and ready to use, therefore safer for food and for use in food prep areas, however (again more real-world advice) European regulations are extremely strict on the levels of disinfectant residue that can come into contact with food, which can easily be exceeded if too much product is applied – therefore we advise that surfaces which will come into direct contact with food are wiped with wet, disposable paper towels prior to food being prepared. (Interestingly, in the USA a level of 200ppm is safe according to their regulations, but even though we are Brexiting, the UK will still be following European regulations for the foreseeable future!)


Use with our QAC Test Strips for effective measuring of product application: ensure test strip tip has absorbed applied product and take reading immediately – 200ppm+ is an effective level of sanitiser.

For all uses dilute 10:1 (100ml per 1L) Mix into fresh, clean water. Allowing product to dry after application ensures a protective residual layer. Once mixed it will last for months if free from cross-contamination and kept from extremes of temperature and sunlight.

Carpet Cleaning: Use as a pre-spray, allow to dwell for 5 mins, agitate and extract as normal. May be used as a light post-spray for added protection, do not over-wet.

Hard Surface Cleaning: Clean surface and ensure free from dirt & debris. Spray onto surface and allow to dry. Can be wiped over with a disposable cloth/paper towel. Suitable for all wet-cleanable surfaces. Maybe misted over for added protection. After application of Envirosafe SF where food is to be prepared, wipe surface with a wet paper towel before direct food contact.

Fogging: Mix as directed above and follow machine instructions. Can be applied with an 01 jet using your existing spraying equipment. Check moisture has formed on surfaces to ensure adequate coverage. Use QAC Test Strips to check adequate application.

Not suitable for use in Hydro-Force inline sprayers or equipment that heats the product.

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