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Disposable Non-Woven Microfibre Cloth on a Roll

Disposable Non-Woven Microfibre Wipes on a Roll
Microfibre disposable wipes on-a-roll, ideal for use in areas where infection control and prevention of cross contamination is paramount.

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Our Microfibre Cloth from Green Heart Shop provides you with a highly efficient and cost-effective design while also reducing waste. The non-woven microfibre cloth method of construction reduces linting. This ensures that wipes can be re-used if required as the product is tear-proof and easy to rinse. Our Microfibre cloths are also designed to reduce waste. Reducing waste makes them ideal for use in areas where infection control and cross-contamination is key.

The Disposable Non-Woven Microfibre Cloth is pre-cut on a roll for quick. This will reduce the risk of cross-contamination making them highly efficient. With multiple coloured cloths to choose from this allows you and businesses to colour code specific wipes to specific departments needed cleaning in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination; For example, one microfibre cloth can be used in the kitchen, another colour to be used in the office and desk and another colour to be used in bathrooms. Colour coding is highly recommended when carrying out a professional clean which is why we are providing our customers with a variety of colours to choose from.

SIZE33 x 25 cm
COLORBlue, Green, Red, Yellow
CONTAINS50% polyester / 50% polyamide (100% Microfibre)
CONSTRUCTIONNon-Woven monofilament with no bonding agent.
DRY WEIGHT4g per sheet
QUANTITY125 Sheets Per Roll

Product Detail and Usage

Our non-woven method of construction reduces linting (due to a monofilament structure with no bonding agent). Ensuring clothes can be re-used if required (tear-proof and easy to rinse). Disposable microfibre wipes are part of a highly efficient, cost-effective cleaning system designed to reduce waste. These products are ideal for use in areas where infection control or cross-contamination is key.

Resistant to chlorines, bleaches, disinfectants etc.

How to Use a Microfibre Cloth

To effectively use this product you need a disinfectant and of course, your microfibre cloth. To begin with, you need to spray or pour a sensible amount of disinfectant onto your microfibre cleaning cloth or onto the surface that requires cleaning. From here you should leave the disinfectant on the surface for at least 15 seconds so that the disinfectant solution can do its job. Once the 15 seconds has passed then you can wipe down the disinfected surface with your microfibre cloth which will now be clean and safe to use. Green Heart Shop can also provide you with your disinfectant solution, this can be a disinfectant sanitiser spray or a 5-litre multi-surface sanitiser.

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Weight0.2 kg

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


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