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Cheeky Panda Bamboo Mini Jumbo Roll (12 rolls)

Mini Jumbo Toilet roll paper tissue made from 100% natural sustainable bamboo

Super skin friendly: bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, odour resistant

Ultra sustainable: bamboo grows 30 times faster than trees, producing 30 per cent more oxygen and absorbing 35 per cent more carbon

Free from de-inking agents and recycled contents; No B.P.A, formaldehyde, chlorine and other harmful chemicals; fragrance free

Biodegradable and breaks down easily in sewers and macerators; The packaging is 100% recyclable

£28.99 inc.Vat

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With the Cheeky Panda mini Jumbo toilet rolls, your office or business can reduce their environmental impact with this 150m Bamboo Mini Jumbo Roll 2ply which is 100% FSC.

Its top-notch quality ensures you get the best and prolonged use out of your purchase. We are all for zero-waste at The Cleaning Cabinet and this 2 ply roll can guarantee you that.


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