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Affordable and Eco friendly Cleaning and Disinfection Subscription Services

Our subscription Options offers our customers flexible and affordable way to access our professional cleaning and disinfection services without the need to enter a yearly contract. whether you are a business or a residential client, you can subscribe to our subscription service to support you in maintaining your commercial and residential space. 

Why bother With Subscription Services

Benefits to Subscription Over Contract Cleaning

  • Save money, use what you need and you don’t have to commit to a lengthy contract term
  • You can cancel anytime you want
  • Subscription works well if you have a low budget but you still require our professional support 
  • Perfect for small businesses to compliment your existing cleaning regime
  • A great support for your home to complement your daily cleaning and to take care of all those difficult cleaning chores

Benefit of Subscription Over One-off deep clean

  • An affordable option over a long-term period
  • A great way to see if contract cleaning service is for you or not
  • Subscription service offers a better value for money on the long run
  • Professional service with a flexible commitment
  • One-off service is a short-term solution but Subscription offers you the best of both world between one-off and contract cleaning solution

Choose from 3 subscription, whichever meets your needs

Disinfection Subscription

  • Perfect for Commercial premises (such as offices and industrial units), Educational facilities and Healthcare facilities (such as care homes, Gp practices, dentist and Vets).
  • Cost effective compared to owning your own disinfection device or buying a one-off service
  • Documentation of disinfection procedure for your record
  • Extra prevention measure on top of your existing cleaning process
  • Provide reassurance to your staff, customers and visitors with a site badge to prove site is regularly disinfected 
  • Stay ahead of the Virus and increase your chances to keep your premises open to do business

Infection Control Subscription

  • A cost-effective way to ensure your premises (Healthcare, Commercial and Educational) are compliant with the government and your industry standard’s best practices and legal obligations
  • Initial on-site consultation of your premises including a site audit and risk assessment followed by a monthly assessment
  • Ongoing, dual level cleaning quality control audit and verification involving process, which involves visual technical checks and microbiological swabbing (ATP testing)
  • Comprehensive assessment of your cleaning regime: efficiency of products and practices
  • Audit report provided with recommendations of actions and improvements to cleaning regime

Deep Cleaning Subscription

  • Affordable & reliable monthly cleaning service for your premises
  • Perfect for small retail units, offices and homes who clean on the go but require a deep clean professional touch to match
  • We provide all the appropriate cleaning materials, equipment and the correct PPE to enable our team to clean your premises to a professional standard.
  • Our deep cleans are carried out thoroughly with eco-friendly cleaning solutions, by our experienced cleaners. 
  • Let us do the hard cleaning work for you; skirting boards, bathrooms and kitchen – they are a delight for our team to clean for you
  • Clear cut cleaning action plan is set ahead of each visit. Our team will not waste time, every minute will be utilised for cleaning, so that you your money’s wort

Monthly Subscriptions

  • Monthly (Healthcare) £75
  • Monthly (Commercial) £60
  • Monthly (Educational) £70

Fortnightly Subscriptions

  • Fortnightly (Healthcare) £65
  • Fortnightly (Commercial) £50
  • Fortnightly (Educational) £60

Weekly Subscriptions

  • Weekly (Healthcare) £50
  • Weekly (Commercial) £30
  • Weekly (Educational) £45
Terms and Conditions for Disinfection subscription: upfront Cleaning plan set up cost of £30. If you require an additional cleaning requirement outside our subscription plan, please speak with our team the options available. All booking will allow for our Disinfection expert to be on your site for up to 1.5 hour per visit. Payment are to be made upfront, direct debit agreement may be required.

Other Subscription Plans - Prices and Breakdown

With our Lite, Standard and Mega plan, you can utilise the expertise and time of our professional cleaners to clean any aspect of your property, whether commercial or domestic. All cleaning and disinfection products will be provided. An action plan will be pre-agreed before thew visit so that our cleaning expert will maximise every moment they are on your premises. hour of cleaning time, our cleaning expert can cover a lot of ground.

  • Lite (2.5 hours) £60
  • Standard (4 hours) £90
  • Mega (7 hours) £160

Infection control is a delicate set of measure designed to help businesses to fulfil their due diligence in ensuring that their work places facilities are properly cleaned and are an ideal working environment for thier staff and customers. 

Food production, laboratories, clinics

Infection Control, Deep Cleaning and Reporting Services


  • 10 Point sample £126
  • 20 Point Sample £204
  • 40 point Sample £330
  • Bespoke Sample level Speak to us

Coming soon – We know that many people love and enjoy cleaning and prefer to do their cleaning themself. 

We are working on a cleaning product subscription to help businesses and individuals to keep clean and stock up on those essential such as toilet roll and hand paper towel.

Terms and Conditions for Disinfection subscription: If you require an additional cleaning that is not within the subscription plan, please discuss with our office for a bespoke plan and rate. All subscriptions service plan is bespoke to meet the specific needs of each customer. This is why we have to charge an upfront £30 set up cost to develop the plan that work for you. Payment are to be made upfront, direct debit agreement (via GoCardless) may be required to process recuring payments

What Kind of Property can be cleaned under subscription

Commercial property

Almost all kinds of commercial property can benefit from our subscription service, just choose the right subscription plan and option.

Shops, offices, factories, restaurants, cafes, take away shops, village hall, hair salons & barbers and holiday homes plus many more

Healthcare facilities

Healthcare facilities can also sign up to our subscription service, choose which service you need then the right plan.

 Vets, gp surgery, dentist, Care homes and Clinics etc


Our Deep Cleaning Subscription to help you to choose the right cleaning support for your home. Choose the right subscription plan and we will work with you to maximise the cleaning slot for any areas inside your home. Areas such as kitchen, bathroom, dusting and vacuuming, interior window cleaning and all those hard to reach areas

Standards We Follow and our Equipments.

To deliver a thorough and efficient service, we have a variety of equipment to help us.

Infection control subscription, deep cleaning and monitoring, always need to ensure that we can accurately test the surfaces in your premises and find out if your cleaning processes or products are working effectively, we carry out an Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) swab testing.

For the deep cleaning subscription, we ensure that all areas are cleaned to match our tried and tested specification list. We also allow you to choose which area you want our team to focus on. For example, you can choose to use your subscription for your toilet/ bathroom area or kitchen in your house, likewise you can use your subscription to deep clean your office area at work. To go the extra mile, our cleaning quality control are in line with the National standards of healthcare cleanliness. 

Disinfection subscription service is conducted using our fogging machine or our electrostatic machine 

How Subscription Service Works

First take a look at our range of subscription services and decide on the right subscription to meet your needs. Our friendly team will be able to help you to decide on the best subscription service to go for based on your budget and needs

After deciding on the right service and plan that is right for you, please go ahead and make payment through the relevant payment link. PayPal is the easiest way to sign up but some customers may be able to pay via GoCardless Direct debit id you do not have a paypal account.

Once your payment is received, our team will contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit your premises to deliver the service

We are committed to delivering the best service every time. Our team is passionate about ensuring the highest level of service, this is why we are very keen to ensure that our service meets your expectation and needs

Subscription Service

Each Subscription service have 3 plan to choose from; monthly, fortnightly and weekly. Prices for each plan can be seen above

Cleaning is the process of removing dirt from a surface. Cleaning does not kill bacteria and viruses, this is what Disinfection does.

After cleaning, some bacteria might will manage to stick around, more so if a dirty cloth has been used in the cleaning process. 

Disinfecting surfaces after cleaning ensures helps to safely manage the visible and invisible risk that your cleaning process cannot overcome

Our disinfection subscription service does not include cleaning. Disinfection is only effective after you have effectively cleaned your premises first, however, it provided the added benefit of killing harmful germs that the cleaning process cannot get rid of. You cannot effectively disinfect a soiled surface; you need to clean first then disinfect. To get the best disinfection result, our team will work with you to disinfect your building surfaces after you have had it clean by your cleaners

We use an eco-friendly, plat-based cleaning solution that will not destroy the natural environment. No bleach is used. 

Businesses such as restaurant, cafes, service stations, shops and offices as well as homes can use our subscription service.

Whether you need that extra help from a professional cleaner to complete your cleaning needs around the home or in your work place, be sure that our subscriptions service will suite you.