Cleaning Subscription Service

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Affordable and Eco friendly Cleaning and Disinfection Subscription Services

Our cleaning subscription service offers our customers flexible and affordable way to access our professional cleaning and disinfection services without the need to enter a yearly contract. whether you are a business or a residential client, you can subscribe to our subscription service to support you in maintaining your commercial and residential space. 

Electrostatic Spray
Electrostatic Spray

Benefit of Subscription Over One-off deep clean

  • An affordable option over a long-term period
  • A great way to see if contract cleaning service is for you or not
  • Subscription service offers a better value for money on the long run
  • Professional service with a flexible commitment
  • One-off service is a short-term solution but Subscription offers you the best of both world between one-off and contract cleaning solution

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Standards We Follow and our Equipments.

To deliver a thorough and efficient service, we have a variety of equipment to help us.

Infection control subscription, deep cleaning and monitoring, always need to ensure that we can accurately test the surfaces in your premises and find out if your cleaning processes or products are working effectively, we carry out an Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) swab testing.

For the deep cleaning subscription, we ensure that all areas are cleaned to match our tested specification list. We also allow you to choose which area you want our team to focus on. To go the extra mile, our cleaning quality control are in line with the National standards of healthcare cleanliness. 

Disinfection subscription service is conducted using our fogging machine or our electrostatic machine.

Subscription Service fogging

Infection Control Subscription

How to dispose of cleaning products
  • A cost-effective way to ensure your premises  are compliant with the government and your industry standard’s best practices and legal obligations
  • Initial on-site consultation of your premises including a site audit and risk assessment followed by a monthly assessment
  • Ongoing, dual level cleaning quality control audit and verification involving process, which involves visual technical checks and microbiological swabbing
  • Comprehensive assessment of your cleaning regime
  • Audit report provided with recommendations of actions and improvements to cleaning regime

Disinfection Subscription

disinfectant and antibacterial cleaners
  • Perfect for Commercial premises,   Educational facilities and Healthcare facilities.
  • Cost effective compared to owning your own disinfection device or buying a one-off service
  • Documentation of disinfection procedure for your record
  • Extra prevention measure on top of your existing cleaning process
  • Provide reassurance to your staff, customers and visitors with a site badge to prove site is regularly disinfected 
  • Stay ahead of the Virus and increase your chances to keep your premises open to do business

Deep Cleaning Subscription

Door Cleaning
  • Affordable & reliable monthly cleaning service for your premises
  • Perfect for small retail units, offices and homes who clean on the go but require a deep clean professional touch to match
  • We provide all the appropriate cleaning materials, equipment and the correct PPE to enable our team to clean your premises to a professional standard.
  • Our deep cleans are carried out thoroughly with eco-friendly cleaning solutions, by our experienced cleaners. 
  • Let us do the hard cleaning work for you; skirting boards, bathrooms and kitchen – they are a delight for our team to clean for you
  • Clear cut cleaning action plan is set ahead of each visit. 

How Subscription Service Works

First take a look at our range of subscription services and decide on the right subscription to meet your needs. Our friendly team will be able to help you to decide on the best subscription service to go for based on your budget and needs

After deciding on the right service and plan that is right for you, please go ahead and make payment through the relevant payment link. PayPal is the easiest way to sign up but some customers may be able to pay via GoCardless Direct debit id you do not have a paypal account.

Once your payment is received, our team will contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit your premises to deliver the service

We are committed to delivering the best service every time. Our team is passionate about ensuring the highest level of service, this is why we are very keen to ensure that our service meets your expectation and needs