Veterinary Hospital Cleaning

Veterinary Treatment Room

What service are you looking for?

Providing high quality service for your Veterinary Cleaning.

Veterinary hospital cleaning is highly important because it is very helpful in preventing health and safety problems that may affect the staff, owners and pets.

At Green Heart Clean, we can provide you with an exceptional cleaning service that will be carried out by our professionally trained staff that will surely result in your satisfaction.

We do this by understanding and delivering on your cleaning requirements. Whatsmore, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions where possible to avoid hurting the environment

What to expect and the benefits
to you.

  • Great first impression.
  • Improved reputation for cleanliness.
  • A high standard of cleaning delivered by our cleaners.
  • Lowering your risk of cross-contamination through the high traffic flow of people.
  • Boost your staff productivity thanks to cleaner premises.
  • Reduce cross-contamination by using colour coded cloths for different areas of the premises.
  • Bespoke cleaning schedule created and tailored for your needs.
  • All jobs have a cleaning specification sheet to meet (where possible).
  • Overall improved hygiene.
  • Environmentally friendly products are used, where possible, while maintaining a high quality clean.
  • A unique cleaning schedule is created for both the customer and Green Heart Clean to use.
  • We have a proven method of work that helps in preventing bacteria growth through proper handling of used cleaning material

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What's involved in the cleaning process?

We create a bespoke schedule dedicated to your company requirements and your company needs.

Client and cleaner meet for the first time to go over the dedicated cleaning schedule and ask any questions both cleaner and the client may have. Also, with the help of the client, a safe storage area for all cleaning equipment and supplies is identified.

Depending on your own personal cleaning requirements, you can expect the following to be completed every time.

Dusting – All areas are dusted top to bottom.

Wiping – Wipe down all surfaces using our colour-coded system.

Empty Waste Bins – Empty and clean all bins.

Clean Floors – Either by vacuum or mopping.

Check all areas – If any areas have been missed the cleaner will go back.

All cleaning equipment and supplies are returned to their safe and secure storage area at the end of the shift.

Once the cleaner has finished their shift, they will always make sure the building is secure before leaving the premises.

We will arrange a site visit to allow us to fully understand your premises in order to create a suitable cleaning checklist for your premises. We realise that all buildings and contents are unique, so we design a cleaning schedule that fits your exact needs. This helps us to do our job much more efficiently.

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